BDSM Basics. Femdom

Femdom is short for English. Female domination expressions, i.e., female dominance. In general, a dominant woman goes against her nature and against social stereotypes, which usually prioritize dominance over men.

But nevertheless, thanks to such factors of interpersonal relations as communication, trust, reasonableness, voluntariness, and safety (note that the principles of BDSM, which are closely intertwined with the norms of ordinary life, are here), the erotic exchange of power, i.e., dominance is no longer perceived so unambiguously. Therefore, for many couples, female dominance in BDSM will be an opportunity to get a lot of new fresh pleasures and sensations that they had no idea about before and become closer and more understandable to each other.

After you have been married for several years or have a permanent sexual partner, many people have a problem as a routine in sex. It’s like having oatmeal for breakfast every time. It seems satisfying but boring. Therefore, many couples begin to look for an antidote to boredom in bed. And female dominance can be one of those remedies. Many men want female sexual aggression, but few get it.

BDSM Basics. FemdomHere are a few tips for men who want to try female domination

  • Don’t pressure your partner!

  • Don’t confuse fantasy with reality. Perhaps you see yourself as a constant enslaved person at the feet of your strict mistress, who forces you, bound and humiliated, to lick her body 10 times a day. STOP! Don’t scare her with such femdom fantasies. We have already said above that most women do not accept this. If you want a woman to enjoy your worship, let her do it her way. In the end, the classic female dominance in BDSM relationships is built on the fact that the top partner always decides what and how he wants to get from the bottom.

  • Suppose a partner goes to meet you in desires to try female domination. In that case, this does not mean that she fully shares your fantasies and finds your new games as exciting and enjoyable as you are. Therefore, do not try to squeeze the maximum at once, do not overdo it with pleasure for yourself. In this case, the woman may have the exact opposite effect – she will simply begin to hate your frantic desire to worship her and the very word femdom. Start slowly and tactfully. Allow her to develop this relationship, but at the same time, remember your role as a driving instructor who teaches and guides.

  • Keep in mind that reality may be slightly different from your fantasies.


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